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Custom Aquarium and Marine Services


Aquarium Service NYC is committed to creating the most visually stunning fish tank you could ever hope for. All service and installation is available at a reasonable fee. Maintenance is also part of the Aquarium Service journey, as a tank should be cared for. 


I import marine fish and sell retail to my clients. I service any aquarium system, and I also build central systems for importers (linking all aquariums). I am truly a fish doctor curing any diseases, from simple parasites to major bacterial infections. I have performed surgery on fish, from tumor growth removal to internal actions.


I have been maintaining aquariums since 1969, and I have worked for many famous people, from John Lennon to Malcolm Forbes. I will work with you to meet your needs, ensuring the best quality aquarium.


As an aquarium specialist with over 30 years working experience, there's no situation I'm unprepared for. I am an expert at aquarium plumbing--I can design and setup any filtration system, from protein skimming, calcium reactors, to reverse osmosis systems and more.

I am a wholesaler, importer and builder.

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