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Hello! My name is Steve Branch, and I have been in the aquarium service industry since 1969. I've worked in this industry in a number of different roles, but my specialty would have to be building custom aquariums and selecting the perfect fish to inhabit them. I have become an expert in behavior of marine life, and understand how to create a tank where there is total equilibrium. I am also well versed in diagnosing and curing fish diseases, so much so, that I have earned the title of "Fish Doctor."
Below are press clippings where I have been featured, most notably for The New York Times. 


aquarium service the new york times

Local Newspaper, 1977

The New York Times, 1977

The Village Voice


I have a professional office in Brooklyn in which clients sit in the waiting room. I had Steve Branch, aka, the "Fish Doctor" install a large 90 gallon fish tank there, and trusted him to fill it with a population of fish. Based on his years of experience he selected a population of georgeous "african cichlids"-- mainly from lake Tenganika. He also decorated the tank with incredible rock formations-- enough for the fish to hide in and make a protective habitat for themselves. To date-- five years plus-- I have lost only one african cichlid -- a little brichardi.

It is worth mentioning that this week, Steve operated on my grandchild's Oscar (from a different tank) who swallowed little catfish (coridori?) and got its spike caught in its throat. The operation was a success!

I have recommended Steve Branch to several of my clients, and they are as happy with his service and expertise as I am.

In brief, I obviously regard Mr. Branch highly, and recommend his service without reservation.

– Levi, Doctor and client. 

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